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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
 Health & Hygiene
  Objectively speaking, nature has created human beings in a manner that he can remain healthy throughout his life. All other animals also have this benefit from nature. They do not need hospitals. But humans, in a lust for various material comforts, have adopted a lot of unnatural ways of living. It is the ego of humans that makes them try and conquer nature. But in the process, they have pushed themselves towards great dangers. Human society must come out of this vicious circle. Then only can it achieve peace.

Arogyadham is commencing its work in this direction in rural areas. In the eighty selected villages, preparations are on to provide lifelong health to all the children who will be born after 26th January, 2002. Fifty percent of the diseases that  are  prevalent   in

the villages are due to unclean drinking water.The first task to be taken up is to provide clean drinking water in these eighty villages. Counseling Centers for marriageable youth and newly married couples are also being started. In these villages, pregnant women will also be given proper advice and counseling about pregnancies, midwifery and children, which includes ideal parenting methods and diets for newborn babies. As villagers do not get proper guidance about a healthy way of life from their childhood, they suffer from many diseases. A study was conducted that verified this fact.

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