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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
 Integral Humanism
  The individual occupies a pivotal position in our system. According to the principle of 'Yat pinde tad brahmande' (what is in microcosm is also in macrocosm), an individual is the representative and chief instrument of society. Material wealth is a means to man's happiness, and not an end in itself. But a system which is based on the assumption of a "mass-man" and fails to take into account the "living man" with an individuality characteristically his own, is not adequate. Inadequate also, is a system that looks just at one attribute of man and fails to take a comprehensive view of him as an organic being comprising of Shareer, Mana, Buddhi and Atma with a number of urges that require to be fulfilled by the Purusharthas. Our ideal is the integral man, who has the potential to share simultaneously, innumerous individual and corporate entities. Integral Humanism is the cornerstone upon which our entire system needs to be built.

There have been a number of schools that have propounded humanism. But their thinking has been rooted in Western philosophies and so it is essentially materialistic. These thinkers have not been able to offer any philosophical explanation for the ethical nature or behavior of man. If you deny spiritualism, then human relations and behavior and the relationship between man and the Universe cannot be explained.

Integral Humanism is the name we have given to the sum total of various features of Bharatiya Sanskriti, abiding, dynamic, synthesizing and sublime. This is the ideal that determines our direction. But our idealism does not mean any doctrinal obtuseness. An ideal has to be translated into practice. Our program, therefore, has to be grounded in realism. Indeed, realism is the forte of our program, the measure of our achievements and the touchstone of our ideal..

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