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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
  More than 3/4th of agricultural land in our country has not contributed to the attainment of Self-Sufficiency in food because these land holdings are uneconomic and unviable. The progress in technology in agriculture has not been made use of by these marginal farmers. In regard to seeds, the farmers still depend on large companies. Suitable irrigation facilities are not available and farmers depend on rains only.

In Deendayal Research Institute's Self-Reliance Campaign, the programme of converting uneconomic holdings into economic holdings will play a major role. The illiterate marginal farmers of uneconomic holdings are today considered as deadweight in the country. But tomorrow, these same farmers will play a leading role in the
  development of the country. Our aim is also to achieve the "highest agriculture productivity per acre" in the world and to make the India an "Agriculture Super Power" in the world.
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