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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Watershed Management
  Sustainable Watershed Management for National Prosperity.

Deendayal Research Institute, through the efforts of its scientists of the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s, has tried to tackle the issue of water scarcity. In many villages, people are forced to carry drinking water from a distance of 5 to 6 km. At least one person (generally a woman) from each family is engaged in fetching drinking water full-time. A meeting of villagers from 19 such villages was called. The villagers were brought together to make sincere efforts to solve the drinking water problem. They happily and enthusiastically cooperated to resolve the problem on their own. During this period, the Madhya Pradesh government announced the Rajiv Gandhi Jal Prabandhan Yojana.

As a result of our efforts, Deendayal Research Institute was given the responsibility of implementing the scheme in these 19 villages.

Under the able guidance of scientists from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s, villagers started constructing check dams in their region to stop the flowing rain water. Men, women and children, wholeheartedly participated in this program. As they were to be emancipated from the scarcity of drinking water, these villagers completed the construction work prior to the rainy season. No cement or steel was required. Only locally available stones and mud was used for the construction of these dams. Initially, the 'leaders' in the region said that such dams would not even last through the first rains. But they did. Water remained stored in the pools created by these check dams. The same water then recharged the ground water. Now there is 10-15 ft. of water in the local wells even in the months of May and June. These wells earlier used to go dry. As a result of these massive efforts, more than 12,000 hectares of agricultural land is now being irrigated. The level of confidence of the local farmers has increased tremendously. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research is encouraging scientists from its other centers to visit and study this experiment.

  The MP State Govt had sanctioned a sum of Rs 3000/Ha under Watershed Management Programme, while "Deendayal Research Institute" has done the same in expenditure of Rs 2486/Ha and saved Rs 514/Ha. This has become possible due to transparent and efficient working of institute.    
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