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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Seed Village/ Seed Club
  Small and marginal farmers face a major problem in crop yield due to their inability to purchase good quality seeds. Increased cost of seed, poor germination, limited availability of seed and its transport are some of the constraints that are usually faced by the farmers. Most farmers still use seed that was introduced into their farms decades ago. During a baseline survey of some of the villages, farmers repeatedly expressed their desire that the KVK/State Agriculture Department ensure availability of seeds of improved varieties to farmers on a barter basis. However, KVK with limited land resources, as such, cannot produce enough seeds of improved varieties to meet the ever-increasing demand of the farmers.    

So, to meet the demand of seeds and to make the villages self reliant in seed requirement, KVK, Majhgawan introduced seed production programmes through selected villages. For this, a seed village in a cluster of villages, and seed clubs at the village level were developed. KVK demonstrated the seed production technology at its instructional farm.  Seed   villages/seed clubs are producing seeds under close supervision and guidance of KVK scientists. The seeds produced in these villages are bold and healthy.  The farmers are converting more and more of their crops into high yield varieties. These villages are now not only meeting the seeds requirements of their own village but also supplying the surplus seeds to nearby villages that provide good income to the growers.  The members of the Seed clubs exchange their seeds for food grains within the village (for1 kg seed they take 1.25 kg food grain from farmers). 

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