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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
 Entrepreneurship Development
  For the successful implementation of the Self Reliance campaign, Non Farm Sector income generation is a key factor. To kick start the process and fine tune the process and distribution model envisaged for Udyamita in conjunction with the K.V.K. and Samaj Shilpi Dampati for the value addition and distribution of farm and forest produce, a pilot project is being implemented by December, 2002 to check the efficacy of the proposed model. One of two products from each product line has been chosen to examine the practical difficulties and find solutions before undertaking the model on a wider and larger scale.    

For implementation of the pilot project, wheat, gram, chillies and coriander have been chosen for cultivation in the 80 villages of the Self Reliance campaign. Anole collection by landless laborers will also be started. After collection, the produce will be semi-processed in the village centers and then brought to Udyamita for final process, quality control and packaging into different products, namely wheat flour, Daliya, Besan, Dal, Curry Powder, and Curd Chillies.

To promote traditional industries, artisans will be trained and then engaged in producing earthen tea cups and pots, and bamboo trays and baskets. Udyamita Vidyapeeth will also conduct a one day workshop to share and update traditional skills.

  • Each collection centre will cover 15-20 SHGs.
  • Each SHG will have 5-7 members.
  • Every SHG member will have a personal bank account.
  • Payment upto Rs. 1,000/- to SHGs will be made through bearer cheques only.
  • Udaymita Vidyapeeth will formulate the necessary rules and regulations for the effective implementation of the programme.
  • Financial assistance will be given to SHGs for arranging/purchasing necessary resources in order to ensure the effective working of the SHGs.
  • Under the pilot project, 400 SHGs with approximately 2,500 members will benefit.
  • Anola plantation will be undertaken in the adopted villages. Grafted Anola plants will be made available to selected farmers during the week. Cost will be shared 50:50 by the farmers and the Institute.


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