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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
 Entrepreneurship Development
Udyamita Vidyapeeth
  Udyamita Vidyapeeth :

To achieve the goal of "Self-Reliance", Deendayal Research Institute has established industrial training facilities for men and women of the Chitrakoot region. People in India earn their livelihood mainly by means of agriculture. They understand the burden they are putting on agriculture holdings. Therefore Udyamita Vidyapeeth has started the efforts to ease pressure on Agriculture.

The rural youth of the villages is unemployed due to lack of technical guidance.

In Udyamita Vidyapeeth the various sheds have been established where unemployed rural youth of the villages come and get the training in their interested field. After getting the training they go to their own place and start his own work in the village, in this way the unemployed rural youth are becoming the entrepreneur. At present the trainings on the following trades are being provided in Udyamita Vidyapeeth.

  • Fruits & Vegetable Processing
  • Dal Poha and Lai Production
  • Oil Expeller Unit
  • Readymade garments
  • Screen & Offset Printing
  • M.C.R.Tiles
  • Sakar Blocks
  • Processing of Cereals and Pulses Industry (PCPI)
  • Flour Mill
  • Cane & Bamboo Craft
  • Fabrication
  • Computer Training
  • Bakery Products
  • Soap and Detergent Production
  • Hand made Paper making
  • Radio Electronics

Our Entrepreneur Training Centre, Udyamita Vidyapeeth, is guiding the villagers, as to which of the crops can be sold in urban centers. This will give an opportunity to these farmers to earn additional economic benefits. All these healthy organic products will be supplied in safety packs. The packing methods will be taught in Udyamita Vidyapeeth. In this way, an interdependent system between villages and cities is being established. There is no supply of such health products in the cities. This shortcoming will be overcome through the program conducted by Udyamita Vidyapeeth. On one hand, this program will provide healthy agricultural products, produced using organic fertilizers, to citizens in urban areas. And on the other hand, lots of employment opportunities will be generated in rural areas. Thus, self-reliance will be achieved.

In the forests, lots of materials that are commonly used in the cities are available. Illiterate, simple tribals are exploited for such forest products by industrial companies. As a result of this, villagers and tribal’s, once rich from such resources, are now in a very miserable state. To eradicate such misery, Udyamita Vidyapeeth is training villagers and tribal’s to become self-reliant. Social Architect couples are playing a very important role in this program. Useful herbs that are naturally available in the forests are being semi and fully processed by local tribals, so that it can be sent to the cities. For this process, the required skills are being taught to the tribal’s by Udyamita Vidyapeeth. These tribal’s can then become self-reliant. Our rural areas are full of natural resources. But tribals are unaware of how to use these resources. Udyamita Vidyapeeth is trying to strength the tribal’s in this respect.


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