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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Education has been a key factor to make an individual conscious of his role in society. Hence it is essential to provide equal opportunities of education to all children without any discrimination. Integrity, unity, progress, and prosperity of any nation depends on this very factor. The present day education system suffers from many drawbacks. There is a flood of more and more expensive public schools with their ravaging waves sweeping even the small town of country. The children of poor families cannot even think of securing admission to these schools because of their high fees. These expensive schools are sowing seeds of social discontentment and creating wider and wider gulf in society right from childhood stage. 54 years after independence, we are still in precarious educational atmosphere. A new generation has grown into self-centered individuals. They don't feel as part of our society or our country. In this situation, who will build the future of our country?
  An Innovative Attempts:    
  Deendayal Research Institute is trying to develop a Model Educational System. The children of the 80 selected villages are learning in our schools. Efforts are on to make these students self-reliant and integrate them in social activities:    
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