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Message From Nanji Deshmukh

Ramnath Ashramshala,Chitrakoot:

In the prevailing political atmosphere in the country, despite continually raising the reservation for the Harijan and Girijan, there is no possibility of bringing improvement in their tragic condition. Therefore, it is necessary to work on a political plane to ensure their growth. For the children, of forests and rural areas of Chitrakoot, Deendayal Research Institute has begun a primary boarding school by the name of Ramnath Ashramshala. Here one hundred boys and one hundred girls of the residents of the forests (Vanvasi) are studying. Their parents neither have a residence suitable for a human being nor enough foodstuffs to satiate their  hunger . Having   obtained   suitable

  facilities of living, lodging and education these children are proving themselves no less than the children of prosperous families in terms of intellect, personality and progress.    
  Krishna Devi Vanvashi Balika Awasiya Vidyalaya, Majhgawan:    
  Another residential school of the same nature is situated at Majhgawan. It is for 100 tribal girls. All the female students of this boarding school have secured first class in the examination of the fifth standard.    
  Parmand Ashram Padhati Vidyalaya, Ganiwan:    
  In the direction of Uttar Pradesh in a village called Ganivan, located 35 Km from Chitrakoot, one more residential school has been started for the village children.    
  Surrendra Paul Gramodaya Vidyalaya, Chitrakoot:    

The education system now prevailing is only a mechanism to enable people to earn incomes. The people have lost their sensibilities and social responsibilities and developed tendencies and attitudes that are unbecoming of a man.
Keeping this in mind the Surrendrapal Gramodaya Vidyalaya has been established to provide such education to students, so they may develop themselves in all facets.

  • In 2000-2001 a student of this school has secured 10th position in high school exam of MP Board.
  • In 96-97, the student of this school has participated in All India quiz contest (organized by international friendship and cultural society, New Delhi) and secured 3rd position.
  • In 1998, Tata Research Centre, Bombay has conducted a "District level quiz contest", in which the senior students of this school has secured 1st position and junior students has secured 2nd position
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