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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Deendayal Research Institute has established Gurukuls on the ancient Gurukul educational pattern. Children of all social strata will live and learn in the Gurukul.10 Gurukuls, each with a capacity to house 20 students have been constructed. Six Gurukuls will be for boys while four will be for girls. 20 students will reside in one Gurukul, and to take care of them One Retired couple will be there who will act as parents for these students, besides them two attendant will be there. In this way the family of 24 members will be in one Gurukul. Each Gurukul will be having its own land where the students will cultivate vegetables for their utilization.
  One cow will also be there in each Gurukul. So that the students can get the nutritious milk. These Gurukul will prove the medium for social unity and integrity. Besides the academic studies the student will get the training in different trades in Udyamita. These are bamboo crafting, fruits and vegetable processing, bakery production, garment manufacturing, screen printings etc.so that they may become "Self -Reliant" since their childhood.    
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