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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Ram Darshan

Neglect of People's Power

The talents and sense of responsibility of the general citizen, especially young men and women is not being put to the use of national reconstruction. The leadership of the country is suffering from total misconception that with the tasks of national reconstruction, social restructuring can be done by the bureaucracy. The country has been suffering the consequence of this misconstruction for the last 50 years. Even then the leadership has not opened its eyes.


On account of the power gained at the cost of the division of the country, all the activities are controlled by the political power. Ever changing political power can hardly comprehend the necessity of a stable society. It is unfortunate that even Lord Rama who remained untouched by political power and who propagated people's power has become an object of controversy in the present day politics.

This polluted mentality has become all pervasive. The general public is suffering day after day from the partisan acts of the Administration. Even the educational institution established for the specific purpose of giving new direction to the younger generation has to remained untouched, Without changing the direction of this baneful tendency neither democracy can survive nor the future of common man bright. The only redeeming feature is that in spite of pervasive polluted atmosphere the common man has unlimited faith in Lord Rama. The life of Lord Rama can provide guidance for solving various problems afflicting our modern society. However, the deep faith has adopted only form of Bhakthi. On the other hand it is necessary to make Lord Rama's life, a source of inspiration in our day-to-day life.

For attaining the aforesaid object, Ramdarshan has been erected in Chitrakoot.
Lord Rama had effortlessly given up the State power on getting signals from his mother Kaikeyee. Thereafter he organized with the cooperation of the exploited, uneducated and neglected section of the society people's power and which was the basis of the national life. He showed the way to attain the ideal happiness for all. For him no class of society was inferior. All citizen by being mutual complimentary to each other can make the social life happy and prosperous. Lord Rama had made this ideal attainable. Independent India has the shining example of the ideals of Lord Rama but, the political and social leadership has not thought it fit to adopt this priceless legacy.

Their sole aim is to secure political power, the attainment of which is considered to be the only aim in life. It is however, encouraging to find that in spite of the neglect of this legacy by the leadership; the general public does not suffer from the same attitude. Amongst the common people there is unshakable faith in Lord Rama. This deep faith can prove to be a blessing for making India's future bright. It is this faith for invoking the people' power which has acted as source of inspiration for establishing Ram Darshan Temple.

In the modern times, the life of human beings throughout the world is, losing any direction. The family life has been deprived of its elements of togetherness. The social life is devoid of integrity. Day after day mutual distrust is increasing. Common man has lost faith in his own future. For attaining the momentary pleasure most of the people are prepared to commit any sins.
To overcome this tragic situation, the only method is to follow in our daily life the live principles enunciated by lord Rama. Lord Rama's personality and his family, social and political life is worthy of emulation from every angle. Lord Rama's life will eternally remain relevant. It is not enough to keep it limited to Katha's and Kirtans. The need of the hour to put the teaching of the Lord Rama's life to practical use for the all around development of the common man.As a matter of fact Lord Rama was born in human form. He gave a shining example as to how each person must act in different situations. He had taken birth only for guiding the humanity. Thus proper conduct is the best form of worship of Lord Rama.

In Ramdarshan various episodes of Lord Rama have been exhibited through the medium of various art from which can prove to be a source of inspiration to the people. Deep reverence and faith is shown by people around the world in various countries towards Lord Rama which shows that Lord Rama was not the symbol of any particular religion or class. The living examples of this fact have been depicted in the Ramdarshan.

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