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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
Nanhi Duniya
  New generation is the life stream of a nation. It is only through the proper development of young citizens that the foundation of a strong nation and dynamic society is laid on solid grounds. It was against this premise that the new educational pattern of free India should have been evolved. Unfortunately such initiative was ignored by the government from the very beginning. This has resulted in to a situation marked by disastrous impact on the natural process of the blossoming of our budding citizens.

A new era of individualism has begun in human relations. Even closest association have become meaningless. Allurement for earning maximum wealth and living a luxurious life has  crossed   all  limits.  The  tendency  of  inhuman  outlook  is  projected

through individualistic pattern of life style, which is dominated by philosophy that life is meant to enjoy the pleasures at whatever cost this can be managed and that every problem can be solved through money. A stage has reached when the element of sharing the pleasure and pains of others is missing from every community.

With a view to fulfill this extremely important yet, totally neglected task of nation building Deendayal Research Institute has taken the initiative of evolving an ideal model of pre-primary level quality education.

Nanhi Duniya is the foundation stone on which the structure of human development shall be built. Childhood is the most precious phase of social life. Hence, Nanhi Duniya is a noble initiative towards nation building and remodeling of society.

Nanhi Duniya shall ensure children's closeness to Mother Nature. The aim of the education imparted at Nanhi Duniya will certainly be on preparing such sons and daughters of soil who may be committed to nationalism and humanism. They may not turn out to be political leaders or administrators but will definitely prove to be enlightened citizens of the country who may serve their nation as the torch bears of moral values and selfless service.

The age to which our pre-primary level school going children belong (i.e. from three of five years) is best suited to promote their observation shall add to their capability of mental receptivity through the approach of 'learning while playing'. At this age the role of teachers should be to act as facilitators of learning process. It is worth consideration that the children going Nanhi Duniya leave their family environment for the first time.

The moment the children enter Nanhi Duniya they are exposed to various types of playing devices and equipments. It is but natural that they get attracted to such thing. They can opt for any playing device in accordance to their choice. Close to the entrance is the wing where toys of different types are placed. This wing/unit contains such item like colored balloons, colored balls used by kids, tricycles, single wheel race equipments scatting shoes etc.

The ears of children are also strong means of increasing the reception facility. Not only they learn to speak through the use of hearing faculty but also become aware of different types of sounds and voices, which help them to develop their talents of a sound personality in future. Hearing faculty also helps in the development of memory. The born qualities of seeing and hearing through the properly directed learning methods provide an ideal scope for the contribution of Nanhi Duniya in shaping the personality of a growing child. It is from this angle that the provision of various types of audio visual aids is to be made in an artistic way.

Thus, children will find an opportunity to observe the way in which the plants and trees grow. This will help their creativity to bloom in proper direction. The children going to Nanhi Duniya will acquire knowledge through the fun of playing with other children.

Knowledge of geography is essential to every individual. One moves in one or another conditions of geographic environment during the whole life. It is in this context that a huge gallery. It will exhibit different types of maps, pictures and models with the help of which the kids will acquire the knowledge of geography just by observation only. Direct observation of different items leave permanent impression on the mind such impressions can never be removed.

A huge gallery exhibiting the portraits and statues of such great men and women who were dedicated to the cause of patriotism is under construction. The children will be made aware of the views and vision of this great person in easy and interesting way.

Children love animals and birds. They enjoy observing the way in which these wonderful creatures of nature behave. This wing will contain their photographs, video tapes and other exhibits. This will provide them an opportunity to know about them as a part of their fun making activity.

This will provide the children an opportunity to get introduced to such aspects as Olympic Games, other sports competition, yogasan etc. While enjoying the TV and videos shows. This will increase their interest in games and sports. They will also be motivated to keep them physically fit.

Children are used to the habit of bathing from the very beginning. They have natural attachment with water. They enjoy playing with water. With a view to provide the facility of such enjoyment three swimming pools are to be constructed at the campus of Poorva Prathmik Pathshala.

There will be four galleries of the information on words and number knowledge skills. They will contain beautiful models of Roman and Nagri scripts. Beneath these models there will be enough of space for writing. There will also be a provision of writing boards and chalk sticks of different colors. This will provide children lot of scope for the writing exercises in accordance to their choice.

This wing will have the arrangement for such culture oriented and art based exercises where the school children can display their talents through storytelling, poem recital and music. There will be all types of musical instruments. Occasionally the artists will give their demonstration before the children. This will also contain drawings by children and model making in the art of sculpture where the concerned artist will show their skill while at work.

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