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Message From Nanji Deshmukh
 Entrepreneurship Development

Since the inception of development planning, the development and dissemination of technology suitable for rural applications, has been accorded a high priority in India’s rural development strategy.

Over the years, this task was taken up by a number of agencies - Labs and Research Stations of the ICAR & CSIR, State Governments, I.I.T.s and Universities, including Agricultural Universities, Non-Government Organisations, the Corporate Sector and individual innovators, with or without institutional support.The compendium of technology that has been developed under these efforts is impressive, and indicates the capacity of our scientists and technologists  to  innovate  solutions  to  the  problems


faced by people living in rural areas.

There is, however, a large gap between the technologies that have been developed and its dissemination and actual use, particularly in rural production methodologies.

The main feature of the Rural Non-Farm Sector, is the predominance of “own account enterprises” (OAEs) that do not engage hired labour. It has been estimated that roughly about 77% of rural enterprise falls in this category, and this proportion has remained the same in the 1980s and 1990s. Since these OAEs are family based and very small enterprises, they cannot attract capital, and therefore cannot absorb the technology required for production on a higher and improved scale and to meet market demand.

Due to a lack of organisational support for these enterprises, the cost of distributing their products to market areas is high, and consequently most of them are run at a subsistence level, or at best, provide a subsidiary source of income.

The oft-quoted remark of Gandhiji that “Rural India is poor because there is no work in Rural India” emphasises the need to create employment by technology and market intervention in a sustainable manner.

The focus of Deendayal Research Institute is the training of rural youth in product or service development, and also in marketing, for them to emerge as entrepreneurs. Training in entrepreneurship is linked to the dissemination of appropriate technologies for upgrading rural production facilities.

Also, a parallel industrialization system capable of providing employment for all by producing quality goods from locally available resources through self-employment and Self Help Groups is also being developed.
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