Social Reconstruction

Chitrakoot, it is a challenging summation of the experiments conducted and the experiences gained through the earlier ventures Gonda and Beed. Chitrakoot is a small township bordering UP and MP, 120 miles south of Allahabad. .The villages around are predominantly tribal and backward in spite of the availability of rich resources like forest wealth and agricultural products. Lord Ram started upliftment of the downtrodden from this historic place.

Nanaji to his credit has several firsts. The conception of Gramodaya Vishwavidhyalaya (Rural University) is one of them. It was established with the Objectives of overall development of the students to make them self-reliant and confident so that they can generate their livelihood through their acquired skills and more importantly to involve every member of the University- teaching, non teaching and the students in the rural development programmes .

Chitrakoot Gramodaya vIS was established on 12th February 1991 and Shri Nanaji provided his leadership and guidance for three and half years as chancellor. This is the first rural University in India with twenty faculties providing facilities for higher education. After some time some section of society grew jealous and the funding was stopped by the then government for unnecessary reasons, Nanaji graciously relinquished the office of chancellor and transferred all assets of the University to the state government in the larger interest of students and teaching and non teaching staff.

List Of Chitrakoot Projects