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  • What is the theme behind DRI?
  • Theme behind Deendayal Research Institute is Integral Humanism

    Integral Humanism is the name we have given to the sum total of various features of Bharatiya Sanskriti, abiding, dynamic, synthesizing and sublime. This is the ideal that determines our direction. But our idealism does not mean any doctrinal obtuseness. An ideal has to be translated into practice. Our program, therefore, has to be grounded in realism. Indeed, realism is the forte of our program, the measure of our achievements and the touchstone of our ideal..

  • What is DRI?
  • Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) was founded in 1972 by Deshmukh to validate the philosophy of Integral Humanism propounded by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya (19161968). Integral Humanism gave a vision for Bharat that, with an approach to man and his relationship to society that is integral and complementary, could transform Bharat into a self-reliant and compassionate example for the world to follow.

    Deshmukh developed a model for the development of rural areas on the basis of Integral Humanism. After initial experiments in Gonda (U.P.) and Beed (Maharashtra), Nanaji finally fine-tuned an integrated program for the development of rural areas that covers health, hygiene, education, agriculture, income generation, conservation of resources, and social conscience, that is both sustainable and replicable. The basis of the project is 'Total transformation through total development with people's initiative and participation'.

    The project, called the Chitrakoot Project or the 'Campaign for Self-Reliance', was launched on 26 January 2005 in 80 villages around the Chitrakoot area in the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The aim was to achieve self reliance for these villages by 2005. When complete in 2010, the project hopes to make the 500 surrounding villages self-reliant and serve as a sustainable and replicable model for the Bharat and the world.

  • What are the different streams?
  • There are mainly 6 different streams in this.

    Self Reliance Methodology



    Health & Hygiene

    Entrepreneurship Development

  • Idea behind Education and what are the different projects covered under Education stream?
  • Deendayal Research Institute is trying to develop a Model Educational System. The children of the 500 villages of Chitrakoot region are learning in our schools. Efforts are on to make these students self-reliant and integrate them in social activities.

    Following are the projects covered as part of Education:


    Nanni Duniya

    Surendrapaul Gramodhay Vidyalay

    Tribal Girls residential schools

    Ramnath AshramShala

    Parmanand Ashram Paddathi Vidyalay


    Shishuvatika etc..

  • What is the basic concept of Entrepreneurship Development?
  • The focus of Deendayal Research Institute is the training of rural youth in product or service development, and also in marketing, for them to emerge as entrepreneurs. Training in entrepreneurship is linked to the dissemination of appropriate technologies for upgrading rural production facilities.

  • How the Health & Hygiene has started?
  • Arogyadham is commencing its work in this direction in rural areas. In the eighty selected villages, preparations are on to provide lifelong health to all the children who will be born after 26th January, 2002. Fifty percent of the diseases that are prevalent in the villages are due to unclean drinking water. The first task to be taken up is to provide clean drinking water in these eighty villages. Counseling Centers for marriageable youth and newly married couples are also being started. In these villages, pregnant women will also be given proper advice and counseling about pregnancies, midwifery and children, which includes ideal parenting methods and diets for newborn babies. As villagers do not get proper guidance about a healthy way of life from their childhood, they suffer from many diseases. A study was conducted that verified this fact.

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