Gurukul Sankul


Promote science education through local resources.

Organize science teachers programme in the 50 km. radial area around the Chitrakoot with the help of other institution / organization.

Demonstration of the life related science experiment and educational CD's through mobile science lab.

Children are the life-stream of a nation. It is only through the proper development of the young, that the foundation of a strong nation and dynamic society can be laid on solid ground. Bearing this premise in mind, a new educational pattern should have been evolved in free India. Unfortunately, the government, from the very beginning, ignored initiatives for children. This has resulted in a situation that has had a disastrous impact on the natural process for the blossoming of our budding citi-zens.

Our Vision

To achive 50 km. radius of Chitrakoot villages by wiping out illiteracy.


Yuganukul Educational Reconstruction.The age to which our pre-primary level school going children belong (i.e. from three of five years), is best suited to promoting their observational qualities that add to their capability of mental receptivity through the approach of ‗learning while playing‘. At this age, the role of teachers should be to act as facilitators of the learning process. It is worth considering that the children going to Nanhi Duniya leave their family environment for the first time.


Motivation for school not going and drop out children Self Reliant village

Total Centre - 108 Centre

April - 28 Centre

May - 29 Centre

Achieved - 108 Centre

Jun - 22 Centre

July - 29 Centre

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