Udyamitha Vidyapeet


A major problem faced by educated youth in rural areas is the lack of locally available employment opportunities. It results in frustration and consequent migration of rural youths towards cities and towns. If rural youth get adequate opportunities for taking up gainful ventures at the local level, they would not only be able to improve their well be-ings but will also contribute the nation capital formation. Self employment is the possible solution to this problem. A small step even in remote village can prove to be a milestone in this direction.

Udyamita Vidyapeeth aims to transform rural youth to acquire a productive identity through short duration interventions, which include awareness campaign, motivational camps, unemployed rural youth sammelans, forma-tion of rural youth committee, formation and management of self help groups, training for improving the skills of traditional artisans, entrepreneurship and value addition skill development programmes and micro financing. The centre caters to youth in the age group of 18 to 35 years. The centre is particular in identifying the aptitude and inter-est of the rural youth to take the self employment. This is done by organizing interface with experts in camps and sammelans in rural areas and this provides the centre with valuable clues regarding the potential of the rural youth.

The centre employs a path breaking approach of training youth for self employment ventures. In the first phase the entrepreneurship competency is developed and in second phase, the rural youths are trained to acquire the technical skills in production cum training centre.

The process of training is quite rigorous. The rural youths while seeking training are asked to reside at the centre. Following the principle ‘learning by doing and learning by seeing’ provides them with increased self confi-dence but also develops their abilities in interactions with people in groups

Among the non farm sector, the popular courses include TV and radio repair, two wheeler repairs, tailoring and fashion designing, bakery products, motor driving, fruit and vegetable preservation, value addition, bamboo crafts etc.,

Realizing the opportunities available in the Information Technology sector, IT based training programmes have also been introduced. For this the centre has well established computer lab and training prograame on desk top publish-ing, accounting and computer hardware are being conducted

This year the centre has diversified into training personnel working in various rural development agencies and orga-nizing sensitization programmes for government and panchayat members. A unique feature of the Centre is the follow up services provided to trainees after the completion of the training. This is done by correspondence and organizing ex-trainees meet twice a year.

Enterpreneurship Development Training Programmes Organized by Udyamita Vidyapeeth

  • Fancy lather goods
  • Computer(DCA)
  • Beautition Course
  • Welding & febrication
  • Food processing
  • Cane & bamboo
  • Motorwinding
  • Fruit & vegitable pr.
  • Welding & febrication
  • Candle Making
  • Detergent Powder

Income generation Training Programmes Organized by Udyamita Vidyapeeth

  • Mobile Repairing
  • Tailoring
  • Agarbati Making
  • Motor Driving
  • Washing Powder
  • Motor Driving
  • Spices Making
  • Washing powder
  • Agarbati making

The Value added products developed by Udyamita Vidyapeeth

  • Production of Mango pickles A Grade
  • Amla Murabba
  • Amla Laddu
  • Amla Supari
  • Amla Pickle
  • Amla Candy
  • Nana's fry & enjoy
  • Lemon Pickle
  • Red Chilli (Bharwan )
  • Other Pickles & Chutney
  • Carrot Murabba
  • Papaya Tooti-fruti
  • Karounda Murabba
  • Mango Chatney/ Pana
  • Sauce & katchup
  • Squash ,Rts
  • Amla Pawder

Bakery Products developed by Udyamita Vidyapeeth

  • Production of Biscuits
  • Production of Bunns
  • Production of Bread
  • Production of Khari
  • Production of Toast
  • Production of Small Cakes
  • Production of SweetKhari
  • Production of Petties
  • Production of Creamrolls
  • Production Of Jeera Khari


  • Nominated Dr. Nandita Pathak as a member of Research Advisory Committee for Directorate of Research on women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar.
  • ICAR National conference Udaipur 22-24 Dec.2010


Udymita Vidyapeeth
Chitrakoot,dist Satna
Phone No. 07670-265480,265608
Email ID: udyamita@chitrakoot.org