Ramnath Ashram Shala


Since ancient time Chitrakoot has been an area being primarily dominated by forest dwells, the tribal people who are the native inhabitants. This section of the society suffers miserably from poverty, ignorance and ill health. Since its inception on 15th Aug 1992, Ramnath Ashramshala, Chitrakoot, actively engaged in the all round personality development of the young generation of these people. It provides completely free of cost residential education, boarding and lodging facility to 100 tribal girls and 100 tribal boys. It is committed to the cause of inculcating the sense of social sensitivity in the pans and daughters of the tribal people so that they become responsible citizen of society in future.

Organize science teachers programme in the 50 km. radial area around the Chitrakoot with the help of other institution / organization.

Demonstration of the life related science experiment and educational CD's through mobile science lab.

Children are the life-stream of a nation. It is only through the proper development of the young, that the foundation of a strong nation and dynamic society can be laid on solid ground. Bearing this premise in mind, a new educational pattern should have been evolved in free India. Unfortunately, the government, from the very beginning, ignored initiatives for children. This has resulted in a situation that has had a disastrous impact on the natural process for the blossoming of our budding citi-zens.

Self -dependence (Swavlamban)

In order to develop the feelings of self-dependence and self respect among the students, Ashramshala has undertaken various activities ranging from the cleaning of their own rooms to cleaning of the campus. They also devote time in gardening. For all these activities there is a prescribed period everyday for 'worshipping the work' (Shramsadhana).

Every year, instead of annual day celebrations, parents get together is arranged. Therefore, the elderly tribals of interior areas can be taught about leading a neat and disciplined life.

The students passing out of this institution get admitted to SURENDRAPAUL VIDYALAYA in Elevanth. It is observed that because of the foundations provided in this school, the students are better equipped to compete with general students without much trouble.

In deed, it is a note worthy achievement. The Deendayal Research Institute meets the expenses incurred over and above the govt. aid.


Holistic development of the tribal society with the co-operation of the teachers, guardians and students.

  • With in the radius of 50 km Chitrakoot, generating awareness in the Vanvasi society to motivate themself for providing education to their children.
  • 10 to 15 students of every village in this area have given free facility of residential education from primary to secondary level so that they beome could.
  • Well cultured, self reliant and ideal citizens.
  • Should have strong feeling of social responsibility and liabilities so that they can developed their villages to bring the prosperity.
  • To make them well cultured so that they can also motivate the villagers for the development of the village.

  • Achivements

    Motivation for school not going and drop out children Self Reliant village

    Total Centre - 108 Centre

    April - 28 Centre

    May - 29 Centre

    Achieved - 108 Centre

    Jun - 22 Centre

    July - 29 Centre

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