Nanajis thinking on child development took the shape of Baj-Jagat at Nagpur. This noble project was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India Shri Chandrashekharji on 11th February 1991. It is neither a formal school nor an Institute catering education for degrees and certificates. It is an informal center to cultivate the childrens talents in music, fine arts, personality development, yoga etc.Thus the centre plays a vital role in bringing out innate talents in the children of below 14 years by providing proper environment and facilities. Special emphasis is given on inculcating team spirit and brotherhood amongst the children. A modern children park has been constructed for children to develop their natural talent by providing appropriate environmental conditions and modern equipments. The park is open to all children, rich or poor and is very popular amongst the children for its unique conception.

Similar children development projects were also established at Shambhaji Nagar (Aurangabad) and Karnavati(Ahemadabad). Vaprastha Abhiyan initiated at Ahmedabad was unique of its kind. In this campaign the experience and skills of retired persons was channelised for social work. A library has also been working at Ahemdabad. Now the projects at Auragabad and Ahemdabad have been transferred to the sister Organizations.

Nagpur Projects